Nevena Noveski

My name is Nevena Noveski, Quality Assurance Manager at Hemofarm A.D. I am a chemist at heart who has found the most beautiful purpose of this science in pharmacy, and that is the care for people’s health. Outside of work, I am a mom of a girl and a boy, and I am a curious person who likes to learn and meet new people. I will support you by selflessly sharing experiences, tough moments, my own struggles, and the lessons learned therefrom.

The value of this type of mentoring program is in the fact that we all go through similar situations and have similar doubts, and that we are each other’s valuable resource of support, understanding and help. You will have an opportunity to learn from my experience, get an insight into what opportunities there are for women and where you can find them, as well as how to deal with the challenges in the business environment.

Joan Duru Popic

I am Joan Duru Popic, Head of Business Development and Licensing at Hemofarm A.D. I am a dentist by profession, which drives me, to a large extent, towards precision in everyday work. My twenty-year-long experience in pharmaceutical industry has steered me through numerous departments of our company, which, each in its own way, has made me a professional I am today. I have a husband and two boys as my main support, which makes me a fulfilled person in all segments of life. I have managed to find a business-personal balance, that I’m very proud of.

I am energetic, motivated and in a mood, whenever I have an opportunity, to influence others to give their maximum and to jointly progress and become the best versions of ourselves.

The mentoring relationship that we will build together will be based on mutual trust, respect and open communication. We will define goals that will help us on the path of continuous improvement of skills and knowledge and personal development necessary to advance in your career.

For me personally, mentoring involves much more than giving career advice. You will find in me a person who will believe in you and be prepared to invest in your professional success by my personal dedication.

As a lady mentee, you will have the opportunity to see a positive example of corporate culture, as well as the opportunity to learn the basics of pharmaceutical industry business.

Through an interaction between different professional groups, lady mentees reveal to us, mentors, new ideas and ways of thinking, carrying inside of them the energy of a new generation, which is the future of development of each company. We will provide you with the security and experience we carry inside of us.

Leadership, encouragement and support of an experienced mentor, as a trusted person, will give you a wide range of personal and professional insights, which will lead you to perceive personal and professional opportunities from a different point of view, previously completely unfamiliar to you.

Vesna Topic

I am Vesna Topic, Sales Manager RX Portfolio. Always  the same  and  dedicated to what I’m engaged in. In  the first part of the day, I am a professional, while in the second part of the day, I am simply a mother, with no makeup on. I believe that acquiring knowledge happens on a daily level and I learn  from  life,  books,  from  colleagues and even from my children. On the other hand, sharing knowledge should be a natural process both in the company, and in society in general. In such an environment, I have grown into a person I am today.

I am glad that I will have an opportunity to continue this journey with you, my future lady mentee. I will share with you experiences, knowledge, contacts and lots of practical examples, and help you adjust the newly acquired knowledge within your specific context. The added value of #jedinstvenaivažna (#unique andimportant) program is the ability to talk and answer many of your questions and concerns about female leadership in a confidential environment. You will gain practical experience, motivation, insights into and skills to create positive changes in your career and in your environment. Successful balancing is possible and is often the key to success for an ambitious lady! By applying and taking part, you will meet new people, exchange opinions, and by socializing make positive impact on your further development.

Tijana Jovisevic

I am Tijana Jovisevic, Director Global Technology Transfer and Product Support. I am a graduate technology engineer by profession. An enthusiast for mathematics, technical sciences, analytical thinking and problem solving since childhood.

The common thing for me at work and outside of it is: what you see – is what you get! I am transparent and open in communication, willing to listen and understand the other side. I am impressed and motivated by sharp-minded people – good ideas, thinking outside the box when solving challenges, adapting plans and strategies to the situation, in order to achieve goals.

Through my professional development, I have learned much more beyond the science. I have learned how important it is to exchange experiences, to have the right team around you and someone to steer you. I have learned to think through options, priorities and expectations. I have learned to adapt and that it’s okay to ask for help.

In all that journey, my driver and ‘exhaust valve’ was my family, a completely different world, other topics, but always there to support me every step of the way. With them, I have learned to enjoy small but important things, such as being healthy, taking time for coffee, going for a walk, playing with children.

Trust, respect and support are the values I will be guided by while working with you. Transparent communication, sharing experience through life situations and honest feedback is what you can expect from me. #Jedinstvenaivažna (#Uniqueandimportant) mentoring program will help you build and strengthen your self-confidence and continue to advance in your career.

As a leady mentee, you will gain insight into my experience and perspective, which is different, yet similar, because as women we share similar challenges and dilemmas during career development.

Kristina Rukavishnikova

I am Kristina Rukavishnikova, Senior HR Business Partner at STADA with more than 14 years of experience in HR. I am a big fan of strength-based approach and positive psychology. I like working with teams and individuals to help people to disclose their natural talents and leverage potential. I strongly believe our growth mindset only can help us to overcome all barriers and succeed.

Privately, I am a mum of 2 little girls, I like books and music, I am curious to experience new things and places, and I like to spend time with my friends.

I will be happy to support my mentee in building strong partnership with stakeholders. I have been working with many different people as a business partner and ready to share stories of my wins and failures, and lessons I have learned from my own path.

My experience of working with teams will be helpful if you want to become an influential leader who inspires people in time of uncertainty and helps teams to get over changes and transformations.

Mentorship is incredibly beneficial for both mentees and mentors as a type of social learning. It helps people to take a balcony view on career and reflect on experience and development needs, it gives us perspective to observe a certain situation together with other person and gain useful insights from each other.

This is not only an opportunity to learn from mentor’s experience in some concrete job challenges. This is a possibility to improve our self-awareness, to reflect on what we really want to achieve, and how we can get there. Sometimes this is not easy to ask people who know us for advice or help, we are afraid to seem week or being understood in a wrong way, in this program ladies can discuss all their limits, fears or concerns with other woman who maybe faced the same challenges, get support, and improve self-confidence.

Irina Skityaeva

I am Irina Skityaeva, Senior Director HR West Balkans. HR professional with PHD in developmental psychology, certified coach in organizational and leadership areas. My strong belief is in lifelong learning and development, open mindness and human creativity. Privately, I am a mother of 2 gifted girls, 23 and 21 years of age, fan of paper books and Pilates.

As HR professional, but also a leader, I have experience in consulting, media and pharma industry. I faced with my personal dilemmas during the years, won some battles, and now, when I am handling HR teams for Russia, Eurasia and West Balkans, I would like to share my experience and contribute to further development of female leaders. What I think I can offer and share from my experience is knowledge of maintaining relationship with different people while sustaining own authenticity and hope this will be valuable asset for my future mentee.

Mentorship is always amazing opportunity for self-development of both sides. It goes beyond our regular duties and moves us in the direction of reflecting a bit about our career, motivating us to outgrow ourselves.  Also, the fact that in mentorship discussion, very concrete topic is shared with the person who is there just for you, to listen and comment is strong benefit of such a program.

Mentorship, similar like coaching, could be good opportunity for having the mental mirror. In today’s world where everything is about uncertainty and agility, it’s good to have someone who can neutrally reflect with you on your professional development. This is why I am happy that we have programs like these, and I personally invite ladies to apply to grow and learn together with us.