Unique and Important

Female mentorship

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Unique and Important

Female mentorship

You are a woman, you are a successful, you are a friend and a colleague. Are you ready to open a new perspective in your development?

Don’t worry, we have heard you say ‘Of course I am!’ and prepared for you an unusual opportunity to develop and learn from lady leaders, who are the pride and prominent faces of our organization. The diversity, which we cherish and live every day, is evidenced by the fact that 62% of leadership positions in our organization are occupied by our #uniqueandimportant lady colleagues. When we talk about diversity, we talk about uniqueness. With us, you can be who you are, because what makes you unique, makes us unique. Uniqueness starts with us and brings out the best in us.

The long tradition of female leadership across our organization has produced cumulative knowledge, necessary for such a program to bring value to each lady mentor and scale her growth in the desired direction!

Hemofarm is the leader on the pharmaceutical market of Serbia. Manufacturing high quality, effective, safe and affordable pharmaceutical products is the core activity of the company. Since 2006, Hemofarm has been a part of the German STADA Group, one of the largest generic pharmaceutical companies in the world. STADA is a leading manufacturer of high-quality pharmaceuticals. For more than 125 years, we have been a trustworthy partner and we follow our purpose “Caring for people’s health as a trusted partner”.

Our lady mentors flexibly and decisively drive changes on our joint journey and in own personal development.


They develop new ideas and initiatives, thus creating future growth and value.


They openly express opinion and respect each other in everything they do.


They act in the best interests of the organization and to the benefit of all.


Unique and Important is a tailor-made mentorship program for women professionals in business. This program lasts for six months and includes six sessions in which participants, working jointly, improve their careers through counseling, exchange of knowledge and experience. The aim of the program is to empower women and promote the concept of female leadership. The holders of the program are lady mentors and female leaders from Hemofarm STADA and STADA GIS, who occupy significant leadership roles in our companies and are ambassadors of our values.


Nevena Noveski

My name is Nevena Noveski, Quality Assurance Manager at Hemofarm A.D. I am a chemist at heart who has found the most beautiful purpose of this science in pharmacy, and that is the care for people’s health. Outside of work, I am a mom of a girl and a boy, and I am a curious person who likes to learn and meet new people.

Joan Duru Popic

I am Joan Duru Popic, Head of Business Development and Licensing at Hemofarm A.D. I am a dentist by profession, which drives me, to a large extent, towards precision in everyday work. My twenty-year-long experience in pharmaceutical industry has steered me through numerous departments of our company.

Vesna Topic

I am Vesna Topic, Sales Manager RX Portfolio. Always  the same  and  dedicated to what I’m engaged in. In  the first part of the day, I am a professional, while in the second part of the day, I am simply a mother, with no makeup on. 

Tijana Jovisevic

I am Tijana Jovisevic, Director Global Technology Transfer and Product Support. I am a graduate technology engineer by profession. An enthusiast for mathematics, technical sciences, analytical thinking and problem solving since childhood.

Kristina Rukavishnikova

Senior HR Business Partner at STADA with more than 14 years of experience in HR. I am a big fan of strength-based approach and positive psychology. I like working with teams and individuals to help people to disclose their natural talents and leverage potential.

Irina Skityaeva

I am Irina Skityaeva, Senior Director HR West Balkans. HR professional with PHD in developmental psychology, certified coach in organizational and leadership areas. My strong belief is in lifelong learning and development, open mindness and human creativity.

Unique and Important

Female mentorship

And what can you expect from us? Through individually tailored work with your lady mentor, you will explore the following topics:

How can I achieve greater agility at work?
What key qualities are necessary for a successful career?
How can I bend without breaking (Resilience at work)?
How can I influence my development journey in the company?
How can I maintain a balance between business and private life?
How can I foster the values of diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

You, as our future lady mentee, are an entrepreneur or you are employed and have 4-10 years of work experience. The industry you come from doesn’t matter to us, because we look forward to the diversity you bring us.

Through mentoring, we will find the best way to deliver you value that will follow you in your further career development.

You are now a click away from your next growth step and new experience! Don’t miss your chance to learn from the #uniqueandimportant ladies!


Aleksandra Ilic

I am Aleksandra Ilic, an account manager in a company which is a global provider for online trade on global financial market. I have worked on this position for almost two years. In addition to having developed professionally, this position has also stimulated me to become more determined and to improve my communication skills.

Jelena Maksimovic

I am Jelena Maksimovic and I am currently a Team Leader of a team that is engaged in creative production for e-commerce. At work, I have the opportunity to combine my creative and my analytical side, and I enjoy looking for ways to improve and optimize processes.

Jovana Miladinovic

My name is Jovana Miladinovic, food technologist for the research and development at Desing company since 2017. My speciality is food technology engineering and creating B2B food products for categories such as confectionery industry, bakery industry, and HORECA.

Svetlana Stefanovic

My name is Svetlana Stefanovic. At work, I am a focused and responsible colleague, focused on tasks and a team player before all, who exchanges opinions, experience and viewpoints with other colleagues and employees. Out of work, I accumulate the necessary energy in order to feel fulfilled in both of these areas.

Tajana Kenjalo

I am Tajana Kenjalo, Manager of Specialist Practice for Jaw Orthopaedics, in Novi Sad. I am a dental nurse – technician and a future dental technician, which tells you that teeth are my first love. I am a sociable and communicative person who enjoys working with people.

Vanja Kosovic

My name is Vanja Kosovic, a journalist, in a professional sense, in the world of digital technologies. I earned my master’s degree in political culture at the Faculty of Political Science, with a wish to better understand the concept of functioning of the society and all the ways in which politics defines us and exercises its influence on us in everyday life.